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Make your applications smarter and more capable with AI-assistants. Build unique ChatGPT-like experiences with custom knowledge, brand identity, and external APIs.

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For developers

Build for developers of all backgrounds, our SDKs and APIs enable effortless addition of AI-assistants to applications, without requiring expertise in ML/AI engineering.


Run in production

Go beyond demos and proof-of-concepts. Run AI-assistants in production and bring value to your customers today. Superagent supports actual, in-production use-cases.


Fully managed

Effortlessly deploy AI-assistants to production with Superagent's cloud platform. Don't worry about infrastructure, dependencies, or configuration. Focus on your product and users.

Everything you need to deploy AI-assistants to production.

All you need to leverage the power of LLMs in your applications today. The Superagent framework comes with powerful features built-in.

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AI-assistants can read and learn from the content of files, e.g. PDF and CSV, as well as access external websites.


API connectivity

Have your AI-assistants access external services on your users' behalf. Stay in control of permissions and actions.



AI-assistants are equipped with both short-term and long-term memory. Have them learn from past interactions.



Access detailed logs and reporting. Learn from what your users are doing and how your AI-assistants are serving them.

What developers are building

Here are some examples of AI-assistants built with Superagent that are live in production today.


Legal Document Analyzer

This AI-assistant can process legal documents, contracts, and regulations to provide insights, identify potential issues, and even generate summaries or simplified explanations of complex legal jargon.


Customer Support Chatbot

AI-powered chatbots that understand customer queries, provide instant responses, and offer solutions based on a vast database of product information and troubleshooting guides.


Educational Content Generator

Teachers and educators can leverage the AI-assistant to generate educational materials, lesson plans, and interactive activities tailored to specific subjects and grade levels.


Automated Sales Assistant

This AI sales assistant engages with customers via email or chat to drive sales, providing product information, addressing inquiries, and guiding customers through the purchasing process.


Code Review and Assistance

Developers can utilize the framework to build an AI-assistant that reviews code submissions, provides suggestions for improvements, and helps troubleshoot errors by referencing documentation.


Travel Planner and Recommender

The AI-assistant can analyze travel guides, reviews, and destination information to help users plan trips, suggest itineraries, and recommend activities based on their interests.

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Built by a passionate community of developers. We believe in an open and transparent future for AI. Start contributing today!

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The AI-assistant framework for large language models. Build unique ChatGPT-like experiences with custom knowledge, brand identity, and external APIs.


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